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After many years of characterless plastic window frames, the traditional timber window frame is making a long-overdue comeback.


Easily repaired and refreshed, timber window frames, unlike their UPVc equivalents, can be shaped and styled into unique and dramatic designs. We manufacture all styles of timber windows including:-

  • Traditional sliding-sash box frames with weights and cord system

  • Casement sash windows

  • High performance stormproof with “Espag” locking system

  • Bay and bow fronted windows.

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We recognise that sliding sash windows are very much a feature to be preserved as, increasingly, householders and businesses seek to retain the original traditional look of their building, particularly if the building has historic features or is a listed building.

Over time we have become a specialist in, not only the maintenance, but also the ability to reproduce this charming feature.

Utilising a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and construction, coupled with the very latest modern and innovative technology, we are able to refurbish or completely reproduce a replica of the original sash window. Invariably our skilled craftsman can improve the performance and even the original look of the sash windows by incorporating the very latest high technology draught seal system. This specialised feature dramatically reduces draughts and improves functionality of the windows by significantly reducing heat loss. As a consequence, rattles, noise and air pollution are also effectively reduced at the same time.

Casement and Storm proof Windows

When you are looking for outstanding weather protection, first class insulation and tremendous security, look no further than our casement window ranges. Designed to stand up to the toughest weather, glazed with highly insulating sealed units and built to withstand unwanted attention these windows are tried and tested. Both the Stormproof Casement and the Flush Casement offer equivalent performance levels in all categories.

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