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How we work

Everything we supply is made-to-measure and to a precise specification agreed with the customer. Some people know exactly what they are looking for whilst others prefer to be guided through the options before reaching a decision.

We understand that customers need to take the time to make their decisions. We will visit the property to discuss your requirements at a time to suit you, agree on the specifications to be quoted and take some simple measurements. This allows us to provide a written quotation for the work.


Choosing Timber over PVC

There are many reasons why timber windows and doors should be considered.window1.jpg

The life expectancy of well-designed timber windows and doors is considered to be around 60 years, whereas the BRE commissioned a study on PVC that made it to last around 35 years in comparison. This goes to show that should you use a reliable professional to complete the job with timber, you are able to get longer lasting windows. The use of timber increases sustainability. PEFC/FSC Certification considered timber to be a limitless resource with a fantastic array of different uses.


Environmentally friendly – as a natural material, wooden window frames are automatically more eco-friendly than manmade options such as metal or uPVC, especially if the wood is sustainably sourced, meaning that trees are replanted to replace timber.

Attractive – wooden window frames look great in any home and particularly suit older homes and period properties. You can tailor your wooden window frames to suit your home by choosing from a variety of wood types such as oak, mahogany or maple, with each achieving a different look. Wood can also be painted or stained to further customize your window frames.

Factory Finishing - Our Windows and doors can be specified unfinished, primed, or fully factory finished. If you choose a full factory finish the windows/doors will go through a 3 point process, as following:-

  • Knotting and end grain sealer-blocking the most vulnerable part against moisture ingress, knotting inhibit bleeding.

  • Primer coat-Primes the timber with specially-formulated coating designed to inhibit tannin-stain.

  • Top coat-Two coats applied to the finished product ensure that it will look good for years


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